E-cigarettes: Why choose it?

Cigarette smoking is a costly habit. Cigarettes nowadays are expensive and sometimes it smells bad. Regular cigarettes also contain various chemicals that can seriously harm our bodies. But there’s a good news! Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are now available in the market. E-cig is a gadget powered with battery. It looks like a real cigarette and it can be used practically in almost all places. The other names of e-cigarettes are PVs or personal vaporisers. Some people use it as an alternative for tobacco cigarettes. With e-cigarettes, there is no fire or ashes, therefore there will be no cigarette smell in your body or anywhere.

The electronic cigarettes give the same feeling as smoking a real cigarette. However, it is more safe because it has no tar and chemicals. The batteries are rechargeable and is used to power the components called atomizer. This atomizer has a cartridge that contain nicotine or e-juice/e-liquid(nicotine-free liquid). When e-cig is used and inhaled, a harmless liquid vapor is formed. This vapor resembles the actual smoke of a cigarette. It is formed when the e-liquid is transformed during inhalation.

Benefits of E-cigarettes:

  • E-cigarettes can be used without flame, therefore, less hazard to fire.

Since it is battery-powered, there is no need to lit it with matches or lighters.

  • It does not contain tar.

Tar is known as the most harmful substance in tobacco cigarettes. It accumulates in the lungs of the smoker over time and damages the liver through various mechanical and biochemical processes. Tar also impairs the mouth by decaying and blackening the teeth, injuring the gums and decreasing the ability of taste buds.

  • There is no unpleasant smell or tobacco odors.

  • Can be used as alternative to smoking

While it tastes slightly different to regular cigarettes, the sensation of smoking is still there because you are inhaling and exhaling a smoke-like vapor.

  • Less expensive than smoking

A cigarette can burn down after approximately 12 puffs. While a regular smoker spends great amount of money for a tobacco cigarette, an e-cig can be re-used many times. Therefore, it is less costly.

  • There are different flavors, design and colors to select from.

This device can be as stylish as it can be. Young people can find this appealing and can add in their fashion sense.

  • It is more supple – you can have one or two puffs if you want, instead of finishing or wasting a whole cigarette.

In summary, it is better and safer to use e-cigarettes than regular tobacco cigarette because it has less chemicals and cheaper. However, there are States who are pushing to ban these devices. It is unregulated and not proven by studies to be safe. Furthermore, the people who used it have testimonials that it helped them get over their cigarette smoking addiction.


Is it possible to stop smoking with electronic cigarettes?

Yes, it is possible and I am a living example of this. I will tell you how I permanently stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes.

I have started smoking when I was in my twelfth grade. After 15 years of smoking cigs, I realized I need to quit. My family used to get irritated by my vaping habits and my kids avoid me because of my smelly clothes. Gradually, I recognized it is no longer a passion for me, but a compulsion. I was addicted to it.

I started looking for different ways to stop my smoking habit for good. I tried nicotine gums and nicotine patches, but I could not satisfactorily avoid vaping. Later, I was introduced to e-cigarettes, also called e-cigs, through my friend.

I have to admit here that I was not at all convinced that this small electronic product could be of any help to me. However, after lots of coaxing from my friends and family, I decided to use it as an alternate for my vaping addiction.

After a month of vaping with e-cig, I must say that I love it! E-cigarette has helped me a lot in my mission to stop smoking. Now, my children like to play with me and my wife loves me even more.

Does this inspire you?  I am sure it has.

If you are interested to know more about the e-cigs, let me explain you the benefits of vaping e-cigarettes.

The benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes

E-cigs give you the same sensation and pleasure as provided by real tobacco cigs. They are created to look just like an ordinary cig. They are available in a variety of models including sleeker and cigars. When you hit an electronic cigarette, a light is shown on the end with the release of vapours that resemble the effect of vaping. These vapours are free of any dangerous and harmful chemicals that come with your traditional cigarettes.

Benefits of e-cigs are listed below:

  • You can smoke anywhere: E-cigs contain nicotine and the added flavourings instead of tobacco; therefore, they can be easily smoked in areas where tobacco smoking is banned. On inhaling, the electronic cigarette produces a vapour that disappears in the atmosphere very quickly without leaving behind any harmful residue. You can smoke electronic cigarettes in restaurants, lifts, planes, office and even bars.


  • Cost-effective: E-cigs are quite cheap as compared to real tobacco cigs. You just need to invest initially on your starter kits that include the cartridges, the chargers and the batteries. Later, you have to only buy batteries and cartridges depending on your frequency of vaping cigs.


  • Health and environmental friendly: The vapours that are released from the electronic cigarette do not contain poisonous and harmful chemicals; therefore, they do not pollute the atmosphere. Also, they do not negatively affect the health of the smoker or the people around him.

If you have also struggled to stop smoking without success, then you can definitely try e-cigs like I did. Electronic cigarettes have changed my life for the better, and I am certain you will be equally benefited.

Please forward your comments if this experience has helped you in any way. I would be happy to answer your queries and clear your doubts.


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Quit smoking with electronic cigarettes

Are you fed up of your smoking habits and want to try e-cigarettes?

Do you want to know if e-cigs really work?

If yes, then you are at the right place. Read the rest of the article and know for yourself - the benefits of vaping with electronic cigarette.

E-cigs, also called as e-cigarettes are becoming one of the most popular ways among many individuals to quit smoking. E-cig is small electronic device that provides the smokers an alternative and healthy option to vaping.

If you are struggling hard to stop smoking, then electronic cigarettes may be the right choice for you. Revolutionary e-cigs are a great way to support people slow down their intake of nicotine and gradually help them stop smoking altogether.

How electronic cigarettes work?

E-cigs are made up of three main parts - the mouthpiece, the atomizer and the rechargeable battery. Mouthpiece, also called as the cartridge, of an e-cigarette is filled with e-juice, also known as e-liquid. E-liquid contains nicotine solution and flavourings to add zest to your smoking pleasure.

The atomizer of an e-cig is used for heating the e-liquid filled in the mouthpiece. Once you puff through an electronic cigarette, the battery powers the atomizer and glows the indicator light situated at one end. The atomizer then heats up the e-juice and forms the nicotine vapour. These are the vapours that the smoker usually inhales. The vapour that comes out of an e-cig quickly vanishes in the air without leaving any harmful chemicals to the atmosphere. This in turns also help non-smokers from inhaling secondhand smoke that can lead to critical health problems.

You can inhale and exhale with e-cigs as you do with your real tobacco cigs. Vaping with electronic cigarette gives you an amazing and realistic experience because when you inhale the nicotine vapours you feel the sensation similar to vaping of traditional cigs.

As you get used to smoking e-cigs, you won’t be putting a real cig into your mouth. The unique thing of vaping with e-cig is that you can taste different favors, from vanilla, chocolate, mint, menthol to strawberry; and make your smoking a satisfying and healthy experience.

Are electronic cigarettes safer than real cigarettes?

Yes, they are!! Let’s know why e-cigs are much safer than real cigs.

The smoke of a normal cig contains more than 4,000 harmful chemicals; out of which approximately 70 types of chemicals have been found to cause lung cancer. Additionally, the secondhand smoke contains around 43 kinds of carcinogenic chemicals, which can be harmful for the people around the smokers who unintentionally inhale the deadly smoke.

On the other hand, e-cigs only comprises of a small percentage of chemicals that are usually not very risky as they are added in very low strengths. Nicotine is not allowed in its pure liquid form, and therefore, does not pose any harmful complications to the smoker.

Are you still in dilemma?

Just think for a while. When you hit through an e-cig, you don’t have to worry about the secondhand smoke, no concerns of tobacco inhaling, and no issues of smoke related health complications that come along with smoking real cigarettes.

Once you change from real cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, you are consequently helping yourself, your health and your family.

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